Welcome World 2018!!!!

This blog has been set up to host the fantastic writing from Willow Class

at Stone with Woodford C of E Primary School.

We hope that you will enjoy our writing and will comment helpfully on our creations.

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Silence by Millie and Archie

“Come here dasher!” I shouted; I strolled through the tangled forest. I came upon something, an endless swirl of trees smothered in pale green vines. I stepped closer,something started to glow like the midnight sun.What was it I thought to my self was it a portal to other universe. No one knows… I stepped in ,my heart pounded with fear, swirling vibrant colours surrounded me.

The ground crumbled. It was like an earthquake shattering our world into pieces. I screamed, my heart was in my mouth.

Crash! Bang!

I landed somewhere; somewhere amazing. Glimmering water surrounded me. I fell.






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The Forest- Jack W and Jacob Ball

Trudging into the gloom of the forest, mythical creatures lurched in bushes, trees and lifeless grasses. A muddy path led into a deep chasm of nothing. Then three, entwined, willow, circles appeared from nowhere. Ivy coiled around the trees like a red strip wrapped around a lighthouse.  Then something growled; something with wicked, red eyes.

It pounced…

The creature sprinted after me. Its golden K9’s mirrored the sunlit horizon. The sharp clouds shattered like shards of glass.

Darkness destroyed the light. I stopped for half a heart-beat. Looking back, the creature had vanished…

“Where had it gone?” I asked myself.

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The portal-Hannah T

Twisted vines weaved between every branch like a coiled snake. Flurried bird songs lit up the dim layer of the undergrowth. An emerald carpet of leaves scattered across the floor. What was it? Shadows lurched behind twigs. Beams of sunlight burst through trees. A blinding view filled the atmosphere as mystical animals hid.

Jumping out behind from a pile of rocks, a fox stared at the strange contraption. Then running through the twisted branches of the trees, the fox disappeared. Was it a portal? Then another animal went through the portal but didn’t disappear that time. Why didn’t it vanish?


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Lost The Mind-Kieran Y5 Emily Y6

Crawling through the imagination, the lush green bushes ran along with the trees. My secret garden is full of twisting wood that spreads through the sad  bits in life, like when Christmas ends and the year you once lived sinks into the world of forgotten.

Its a place where worry unfolds and the calm wave of silence hits with the salty  sent that brings happiness to your mind.

” PHILLIPA! Are you even listening to me?”screamed the teacher.

“Sorry Miss Gold, the wonder of the butterfly’s life – that we have been learning about -lead me into the perfect piece of work.”

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The Cadbury Faberge Egg – Charlie and Ted

He casually scored two fingers across the moss as he strolled through the emerald forest. Suddenly, he saw something glow in the distance. What was it?  Deeper, he detected three egg shaped sphere’s.

”What on-” he was cut of by a vole scurrying towards the monument.

Spikes dropped on it. He walked around the spikes and put a stick in the next hoop. A sword came down and lopped of his fringe. He placed a mole in the third ring. BANG. down came a Faberge egg. The hunt was over-  from poor, he was rich. They could sell the egg.

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Floating- Katie Y5 and Elian Y6

Deep into the unknown forest leading to the future of death, spiral trees made a path to grief.

My face turned from a huge smile to a tear of sadness. Racing over vast lumpy tree roots, I tripped sending my self flying through the air. I grasped my head ready for the sore landing. But it never came!

My heart raced. I screamed, but not a sound was made. I tried again, still nothing! Pounding chants built up in my head like steps of a last heart beat. Then something happened something unforgettable. Was this the last of my life?

resource image
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Lost-Jacob Y6

Running through the woods, the cold bitter air slivered through the branches. I stopped. Vines intervened with branches forming a shape a bit like a egg. Ivy crept over the forest floor, making everything green.

I ran on: gnarled branches grabbed at my face and clothes; wet mud flicked up in my face and and roots rose out the ground tripping me up. Then I tripped, my face falling forward a sharp stone about to go into my head. Then the world seemed to slow, fading from view. I didn’t now what to do? Red sprawled around me. Then darkness!

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Mystery island-Finley-Lukas

Suddenly  the plain started going down.


We crashed on an island, with animals massive ones.

One man died in the crash. As we walked on we heard a roar, some-thing got my leg: a giant spider! A women came out of no-where, got a spear and killed it. Every one else was eaten. She took me to a willow spiral.

A T-Rex attacked!

“Run!” yelled the woman.

She took me to a cave. A small Loserapter  ran past. I had a crystal what can teleport you home.

Suddenly the crystal took me home.

Would you survive a plane crash deep into the forest



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The Everest Suprise- by Hope Y6 and Rebecca Y5

As I hiked up the steepest side of Mount Everest, the bitter wind nipped at my cheeks. Me and my friend Rebecca were going to be the first ten year-olds to climb up this mighty mountain.

At the top was a cave, a dark deep cave. Slowly we wandered in.We had found a forest at the top of Mount Everest as shimmering green eyes caught our attention.

Suddenly, it went dark. I screamed. Trying to pull the creature off, Rebecca fell to the ground. She had been scratched. Using all my strength, I pushed the tiger off.

We ran…

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A Crack in Time – Annaliese – Y6 and William – Y5

As if entwined around wire, Aloy marveled  at the sight of the willow-knotted gateway. The rusted tin hurried over and nudged Aloy.

“Bleep! Bloop, oh, Sorry Ma’am, my system is m-malfunctioning- bleep,” Tinker stuttered, “my wires a-are


“Tinker! What is this place?” she questioned, “well, whatever lies beyond i know it’s  better than this.” She gestured to the ruins of what’s left of the old people, now over-run by mindless machines: saw-tooth, watchers, and tribes constantly at war.

“Ma’am, shall we go?” tinker queried…

“We’ve seen everything here,”Aloy  muttered ” It’s  time for a new adventure!”

She stepped through.

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